About Us

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Having graduated from RMIT as a student in design, I have been employed by the international lingerie fashion brand Triumph and the Australian Men’s fashion brand Stafford Pty Ltd. Soon after I said hello to my own business so that I could be hands on for the next joyous chapter in my life, which was motherhood. I went by the name of ‘Candy Ribbon Event decor & design’ which mainly specialized in kids birthday parties.

As the business picked up so did the need to cater to a wider audience. Rising up to the demand, I decided to relaunch and rename my business by giving it my very own identity and brand name – Events by Rajini.

With exciting and innovative changes ahead, I’m constantly challenging myself with bigger and better to my business which I consider my passion, pride and pleasure. In an ever changing industry, I plan to bring my very own uniqueness in style as I believe in individuality that is distinctive to each and everyone.